Product design Case history.

A new Paper shredder for a Shanghai Manufacturing Company.

Client deliver to us the brief for the new project.

The Brief is all about the product specifications, in particular: aim, performance, target user, features, reliability, aesthetics, perceived quality, type of production and market segment.

Before starting a project we understand the customer's needs and we analyze consumer target, reference market and competitors.

We conduct a deep and extensive research, collaborating with young creative as well as experienced figures to bring out-of- the box solutions.

It is the first approach to the project. We produce sketches and 2D / 3D views to present our work and our proposals.

*Studio Prototype is a raw reconstruction of the early stages of design and can be created by hand or fast 3D print.

We develop choosen models producing technical drawings, 3D views and interactive visualization as well as prototypes, discussing on all aspects and details with client.

*Presentation Prototype is a prototype that approach to defined shapes and finishes and is made by different type of materials, like plastics or resins.

We provide drawings with final dimensions and 3D models (IGES, STEP or other) that will MUST be screened by client's engineers, in order to adjust tolerances and any issues related to the production process.

Checking Final prototype, Monitoring on-site manufacturing process, Checking materials and other aspects.

We take care about functional and aesthetic aspects of the committed projects offering our personal style approach.

The customer has brought into production the project after studying with us also the graphic aspects, usage manuals and packaging.

*Final Prototype is the final verification made directly by manufacturer and is almost equal to the final product both in terms of materials and functionality aspects.